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      We love bright colours + bold prints. Preferably together!

      Antipodream brings an exclusive range of products to the UK from some of the most exciting new artists and designers from Australia and New Zealand. Our brands include Kip & Co, Bimby + Roy, Sage x Clare, Society of Wanderers, Castle & Things, Bride & Wolfe, Tiff Manuell, Formantics and Mustard. 

      Hi I’m Kate! Born in Melbourne and now living in London with my family, Antipodream came about from a bright idea one day when I was feeling a little homesick. Missing the warmth and vibrancy of my hometown in Australia, I was desperate to bring some of our summer vibes here to the UK (not that I don’t love the odd downpour, but things can get a little, well, GREY if you know what I mean 😉). When I thought about what I loved most about Australia, bright colour, the relaxed vibe and a cheeky bit of fun seemed to sum it up. 

      I started sharing a little on Insta, and it turned out I wasn’t the only one craving this aesthetic 💛💜🧡. And so Antipodream was born. The idea wasn’t only to bring the best Antipodean design to the UK, but also to champion Australian and New Zealand designers and artists and raise the profile of the incredibly talented design community back home.

      Today our range has grown to include beautiful linens, stunning homewares, sleek storage and gorgeous underwear, but the ethos has remained the same - to bring you truly unique design and lasting, sustainable products that you will just LOVE.  

      Thanks for being here, your support is everything. 

      Kate x