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      Feeling brave? 5 steps to create a colourful kids room that POPS!

      The new Kip & Co collection has been released, and they've nailed it. You will remember how excited we were to introduce this brand last year? This time, double it. The latest range is seriously OTT - with colour, kapow, and some of the coolest prints we have seen.  The collection includes luxury linen, velvet and denim, and this season their famous prints feature bananas, watermelons and neons, plus plenty of tassels and pom poms.

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      So, how exactly do you create a room as vibrant and action-packed as this, without ending up with a look that feels disjointed or overwhelming?  Here are our top five tips for bringing this distinctive Aussie aesthetic to life.

      Tip 1. Think colour

      When it comes to colour, take it one step at a time and create a palette to help guide your choices and provide a consistent theme.  Choose a primary, secondary and accent colours it will help guide your purchase choices.  Consider basing the colour scheme around a particular item that you love - such as a favourite chair or piece of art. 

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      Tip 2. Bed styling

      Bed styling is always about texture - using lots of luxurious layers creates a cosy bed your little one's will be excited to jump into.  Add variety to the bed by combining different fabrics and fibres - think wool blankets, quilted duvet covers and velvet cushions. 

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      Embrace the art of print mashing.  Start with one print, and build out from there - using your chosen colours to create a link that connects the prints.  Lots of bright, mismatched pillow cases adds an element of fun to the room.

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      Tip 3. Storage

      Kids have lots of stuff, so it follows that their rooms are going to get messy. Add storage options so that clutter can be cleared away, and you can display the pieces that you (and they!) love.  

      Tip 4. Add a fun feature.  We love these neon lights by Electric Confetti.  Need more inspiration? Check out one of our favourite interiors blogs  Ness has feature elements totally nailed :)

      5. Finally, time for all the fun details

      Complete the look with colourful details, such as favourite toys, books, floor cushions, or beanbags. Be prepared to break the rules - kids love colour, so don't feel like it needs to be perfect.  

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