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      News — sage and clare

      Sage x Clare Nudie Rudies: What makes these bath mats SO special...

      Sage x Clare Nudie Rudies: What makes these bath mats SO special...

      Sage x Clare's iconic 'Nudie Rudie' bath mat joined our product range in 2018, and has been a constant customer favourite ever since! This cheeky bath mat has a fond place in our hearts.

      Scroll on to learn more about why we love this lush best seller so much. 

      Nudie Rudie Bath Mat - Camille

      These mats are... LARGE!

      Measuring 80cm x 60cm there is plenty of room for a solid landing when you step out of the shower. It's enough to catch any drips and keep your tootsies off the chilly floor.


      Nudie Rudie Bath Mat - Blush

      Handmade and so SOFT

      Trust us when we say your toes will thank you. Individually handmade with 100% tufted cotton, this mat is beautifully absorbent and the softest mat your feet will ever meet.


      Nudie Rudie Bath Mat

      Colourful... and fun!

      They come in a rainbow of colours that will bring joy to any bathroom. Luxurious to the touch, playful fun and a treat for the eyes - that's a win, win, win 😃

      Pillowcases that add instant WOW factor

      Castle Blush Linen Flower Pillowcase

      Our bedding collection is something pretty special - a carefully curated edit of the dreamiest bedding pieces.

      You don't necessarily need a complete overhaul, it's easy to get those fresh linen feels with a couple of small changes. Like throwing into the mix some hero pillowcases to give your bedroom a whole new look. 

      Check out our current faves for some colourful bedroom inspo, and remember there are no rules - just have fun with it! 

      Society of Wanderers Gogo Pillowcase Set

      Castle Lilac Stripe Pillowcase

      Kip & Co Pinky Field of Dreams Pillowcase

      Sage x Clare Isabel Check Linen Pillowcase Set - Bellini

      Society of Wanderers Lilac Gingham Pillowcase Set


      Jump into Sage x Clare robes

      Jump into Sage x Clare robes

      The new Camille range from Sage x Clare has served up some incredible loungewear that you will NEVER want to take off. Linen robes are back in two gorgeous prints and we are so excited to bring you two new jacquard robes! These versatile pieces are SO comfortable while relaxing on the sofa, and are stylish enough to be worn over jeans or leggings during the day.

      Our favourite Nudie Rudie bathmats are back in two new colourways: lilac and navy, and the most amazing tufted Clover beauty joins the mix.

      Sage x Clare Nudie Rudie Bath Mat - Lilac

      Sage x Clare Marguerite Paisley Robe

      Sage x Clare Clover Tufted Bath Mat

      Sage x Clare Alexis Floral Robe

      Sage x Clare Nudie Rudie Bath Mat - Camille

      Sage x Clare Rosa Jacquard Robe



      CAMILLE: new season Sage x Clare is live!

      CAMILLE: new season Sage x Clare is live!

      Exciting news Sage x Clare fans - the new season 'Camille' arrives next week and WOW it's a beauty! 

      Camille draws its inspiration from effortlessly chic European influences. The range channels the street style and edgy sophistication found across Parisian laneways.

      Tie-dye and muted pink checked linens are the absolute stand outs of this new collection, as well as a three gorgeous new knit blankets. These blankets are THE most versatile styling pieces to instantly change any space; they are large enough to use as a bed cover for a pop of pattern and colour, or use them as a sofa throw and snuggle up with them every evening.

      Adelie Linen Pillowcase

      Lilou Linen Duvet Cover

      Isabel Check Linen Sheet - Bellini

      Alexis Knit Blanket

      Helie Knit Blanket

      Zelie Soutache Cushion

      Helie Knit Blanket

      Odele Knit Blanket

      Helene Knit Cushion